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"Partner For Safe Water" - Initiative For The Promotion Of Household Water Treatment In Urban Centers

Publisher: Government of Nepal, UN-HABITAT,Environment and Public Health Organisation (ENPHO), Coca Cola India, EAWAG
Year: 2010
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Several people have benefited from the “Partnership for Safe Water” project. This is evident from the different voices shared by residents of the programme areas. Tulsi from Choche Tole, Lalitpur started using Piyush, a chlorine solution, to treat his drinking water to save his family from Diarrhea. Tulsi says “we learned about it through an awareness
programme in our community”. Tulsi realizes the benefit of Piyush and explains further “boiling is troublesome as there is no electricity and often there are shortages of kerosene and cooking gas. We need a lot of money when we visit the doctor and Piyush costs only 17 rupees”. Similar benefits have been witnessed by Krishna Laxmi Barahi. Krishna is the Chairperson of the local women’s group, she recalls “in previous years, at least a dozen family members were hospitalized due to diarrhea, cholera and a number of other water borne diseases but we have not had a single case this year”. The District Public Health Offcer from Bharatpur, Mr. Keshav Chapagain also shares similar stories. Flipping through his records he says “there has been a reduction in the demand for medicines related to water borne diseases compared to previous years after the safe water campaign was initiated in Bharatpur”