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Participatory Mapping as a Smart Survey Technique to Support Land Rights for All: Experiences and Expectations (Nepal)

Publisher: UN-Habitat
Year: 2021
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Successive Governments after the political change of 1951 have advocated pro-poor land reforms. After the adoption of new Constitution in 2015, serious attempts have been made in this direction. The National Land Policy (NLUP) adopted in 2019 adheres to the VGGT prinicples and stresses o Living No One Behind (LNOB). NLUP recognizes land rights of women and vulnerable groups, rehabilitation of the landless slum-dwellers, squatters and informal tenure-holders for sustainable and improved housing, access to land and security of tenure for all including the landless peasants. A Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (FFPLA) approach provides a blueprint for a fast, economic and good enough solution and advocated as such in the Country Level Implementation Strategy for Nepal.