Young technician trained on Integrated Heritage Conservation

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April 21, 2019 Forty Five technicians including Architects, Engineers and Municipality technicians have been trained on Integrated Heritage Conservation. This training is a part of project “Sustainable Tourism and Green Growth for Heritage Settlements of Kathmandu Valley” that was implemented by UN-Habitat along with partners like CIUD, Lumanti, SABAH Nepal and I.H.S. Netherlands. Twenty two female heritage conservation practitioners along with twenty three male practitioners have been trained on the topic staring from April 22 to April 25. This training dealt the theoretical and hands on training  of Integrated Heritage Conservation covering modules like theory of integrated conservation, conservation practices in Nepal, international heritage treaties and charters, heritage legislation in Nepal and tourism policy. Under the practical work, Bungamati was taken as a field site and participants mapped the historic structure and current functions of Bungamati. Mr. Jean-Paul Corten, expert in Urban Heritage Strategies, of I.H.S. Netherlands was a lead trainer for this training. Similarly, Ms. Jharana Joshi, Mr. Prakash Darnal, Mr. Stephen Clark and Mr. Hector Martin  delivered as guest lectures. Four groups have been formed and each group work on topic like Built Heritage, Development Potential, Intangible Heritage and Stakeholder Analysis for Bungamati. Each group have actively participated and presented on given topics. According to Ms. Parikchya Singh, one of participant, “this kind of hands on training have helped me to better understand tools needed for heritage conservation”.