Preparing resilient community to fight against COVID-19

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In a wake against COVID-19 havoc, communities across Nepal are suffering from shortage of hand sanitizer. All the shelf of super market and shops are empty of hand sanitizer. In addition to this a home stay order by Government of Nepal (GoN) has made hand sanitizer a difficult to grab on. Studies have found out that hand sanitizer is effective measures in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. PARYA SAMPADA project, an initiation of SWITCH ASIA (European Union) has supported in manufacturing of hand sanitizer in Bungamati in coordination with Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) Ward Office - 22 in April 3, 2020. This project along with Ward office has conducted a “hand on” training on manufacturing of hand sanitizer. Mr. Amit Joshi, a lead trainer of LMC, has facilitated this training. Altogether 12 locals of Bungamati had participated in this training (Please Refer ANNEX 2). On this occasion, Er. Prabin Bajracharya (Senior Programme Officer, UN-Habitat) handed over a stock of materials for hand sanitizer costing around seventy thousand. They included, Ethanol (42 liters), Hydrogen peroxide 3% (1 liter), Glycerol (2 pieces), distilled water (8 liters) and other equipment to Ward Chairperson Mr. Ambir Raj Shakya of LMC-22. Training was conducted on Tri-Ratna School of Bungamati and was observed by civil society bodies including Mr. Binesh Maharjan (Vice Chairperson of District Coordination Committee of Lalitpur). Mr. Amit Joshi led the training with introduction of equipment like conical flask, measuring cylinder, alcohol thermometer, beaker and other chemical ingredients. Then he highlighted on concentration of Ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and Glycerol and how their concentration can be lower with the aid of distilled water. Required amount of concentration for each chemical were clearly dealt by trainer through practical. Each participant prepared one liter of hand sanitizer in presence of trainer. Altogether 45 liters of hand sanitizer were prepared and handed over to Ward Office in presence of official from District Coordination Committee.