Parya Sampada creates eye-opening experiences for local government.

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The Parya Sampada project, contributing on preservation of tangible and intangible heritages for tourism, adds a brick on this motive at Pilechhen. The project hands over the Comprehensive Settlement Recovery Program Plan of Pilechhen to the ward office of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

Organizing an event with strict precaution of COVID-19, CIUD implementing partners showcase the detailed study of the report and 3D video clip depicting the complete package of restoration and reconstruction of Pilechhen.

Providing the detailed report to ward chairperson of LMC-7 Kul Bahadur Maharjan, Drona Koirala- ED of CIUD stated that the project is carrying the feasibility study of PIlechhen as a complete package. With the limited resources and time, CIUD contributes to paving the tile brick in the second floor of Pilechhen Sana Guthi Bhawan and will continue to revitalize the Pilechhen Pokhari (pond).

He clarified that CIUD has a crystal-clear blueprint and cost estimation for reconstruction of pond walls, revitalization, maintaining the greenery & garden and building two rooms and stone paving. The first phase program of worth NPR 2.7 million will be started soon.