“Happily shifted in my own Temporary Shelter”

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September 15, 2015, Thirty-five years old Gyani Maharjan is among the ethnic inhabitants of Devdhoka, ward number 2 of Kirtipur Municipality whose house was damaged by the devastating earthquake of 25th April, 2015. The traditional styled Newari house was built more than 85 years back during her grand -mother in law's time. It has been totally damaged from inside which needs to be reconstructed. Remembering the day, she says, she was washing clothes in the ground floor and her two sons (13 years and 3 years) were watching televisions upstairs, on 3rd floor. As she felt the tremor she ran upstairs to take her sons but they couldn't come down. Along with the tremble she even saw her roof and walls being cracked and at that picky moment a thought stroke on her mind, no matter whatever happens we three are together recalling her husband who works in Dubai. After staying in a community shelter provided by Kirtipur municipality for a month, she moved into a tent provided by Rara Hill. She was taking aphoto3 room on a rent for kitchen, as in a tent it is not possible to cook. It needed to pay Rs 2000/ month. When she got listed as a beneficiary under UN Habitat shelter support project, with support from the people of Japan, she felt that it was very relieved to get this support. As for now, the shelter has been completed; she has moved in along with her two sons and is very happy and satisfied. She has the feeling of ownership. She further mentioned that this support has acted as a great relief in a time of need. She now timely gets connected with her husband who is working overseas and now even he is reassured regarding safety of his family here. Source: Sunayana Shrestha, CIUD