EDT Trainees successfully conduct two days exhibition in Chandragiri Municipality

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The trainees of Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT), organized by SABAH Nepal complete the two days exhibition of local products in Chandragiri Municipality.

The joint initiation of trainee and local entrepreneurs have set 16 different stalls of organic vegetables, Yomari ( Special food of Newar community), curio shop, liquid soap and cleaning amenities and many other outlets. The exhibition program is initiated by Lumanti and SABAH Nepal, an implementing partners of Parya Sampada project. 

Stall of Lina Shrestha

Lina Shrestha, resident of Chandragiri Municipality-3 has set up the stall of artificial flowers, bicycles and curio products. She thanked the organizers and Parya Sampada project for conducting EDT training that built confidence in planning of business and marketing of products.

Shanti Gopali, a member of Nari Dallo Sabun (soap Production Company) stated that the training is fruitful to them. Gopali and her two friends learnt about packaging of their products (cleaning amenities like Harpic, Phenol, and liquid soap) and extended the market beyond the territory of Chandragiri Municipality. Their product sales rate is increased by 10-15% exploring the outlets like hotels, restaurants, schools and ward offices.

Subeskshya Shrestha with Hand Sanitizer holder

Subeskshya Shrestha 24, a Bachelor Graduate, admired the concept of Thankot Mahila Jagaran Cooperative in support of Parya Sampada project for organizing the exhibition. She was busy at her stall named local stuff in selling the home made products like rubber bands, woolen products, sanitizer holders and other peculiar items. Her mother took the EDT training and shared the knowledge with Subekshya. She added that before this exhibition both mother and daughter are selling the products through an online venture where the exhibition provides exposure to them.

Bhagwati Shrestha at her vegetable stall

Bhagwati Shrestha was busy, selling the local vegetables at her stall with the customers. She shared that the training taught her for calculating investment, maintaining the day book, keeping records of expenses and sales, finding the profit and loss in business. With her smiley face, she added that the EDT supports in managing the local business.

The local people and nearby customers are happy to get the quality products at a cheaper price. After purchasing the soap and Yomari from two different stalls, Radha K.C from Chandragiri -3 said that this exhibition initiates in promoting the local quality products at cheaper price. She added that the soap packet is cheaper at Rs 20 in comparison to regular market.

Around 700+ visitors have visited the different stalls and purchase their requirements. Bindu Shrestha, Chairperson of Thankot Mahila Jagaran Cooperative shared that the women groups succeeded to make turnover of NPR 130 thousand in two days. She responded that out of 20 trainees, 4 have started new business and 12 have continued their existing business in a managed way. The EDT is typically different training for the entrepreneurs to enhance the skills of managing business and developing the software. 

Parya Sampada project in support of European Union and Switch Asia has conducted Entrepreneurship Development Training targeting women and locals aiming to promote their locally available business resulting in the preservation of intangible and tangible heritages.