Celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day : National Dignified Menstruation Day 2075

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May 2018, Menstruation is a natural and biological process that occurres in women life. Though it is a natural process, but society has made some restriction/discrimination to women and those discrimination and restriction are different depending upon the community, geographical region, caste, religion etc. so, it is necessary to break the conservative thinking, behavior and practice. Until and unless we join hands together and committed to eliminate these social restriction/discriminations which are based on conservative belief and taboos, women could not be empowered. These types of social belief has played as a major huddle for women empowerment and progress. So, considering all these bitter reality, for the first time, government of Nepal had made plan to celebrate the Menstrual Hygiene Management day with the slogan “No More Limits” to create more awareness on these issues i.e. discrimination/restriction. Government of Nepal localized this theme as “National Dignified Menstruation Day 2075” The national level also a workshop was organized in the presence of Honorable Minister of Water Ms Bina Magar. In the workshop there were more than 600 participants from various groups which included parliamentarians, college students, police lady officers and civil society. At the end of the workshop, a 7 point commitment was signed by the Ministers of Ministry of water supply, Ministry of health , Ministry of education, Ministry of women and children to implement dignified Menstruation Hygiene Management policy to eliminate all kinds of violence due to menstruation by ensuring hygienic environment as guaranteed by the constitution as human rights. *The National MHM DAY is celebrated with gathering of four ministries and stakeholders to voice for the dignified menstruation. The event also concluded with signatures in the 7 point commitment declaration by Ministries of Water Supply, Health, Education and Women & Children. In this regard, UN-Habitat/GSF programme also celebrated MHM day in its districts with the major objective to raise awareness to community women and school girls on importance of Menstruation Hygiene Management. In various districts various activities were conducted. In Dhanusha district, the day was celebrated in two schools with 162 students of class 5 onwards by showing two MHM awareness videos Garwa and swakchha Mahinawari. In Bardiya and Bajura with coordination of D-WASH-CC a rally was taken out with various slogan placards. In addition to this a training a making cloth pads were also given to 19 participants of sharda secondary school, Bardiya. In Saptari and Arghakhanchi an orientation-training program was organized was to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene management, to promote homemade pads during menstruation instead of using chemical used sanitary pads. In Jhapa, the program was conducted in secondary/higher secondary schools of 13 then VDCs/Municipalities. At the end of the program it was decided that all schools should have gender friendly toilets and to implement this it was decided to to form MHM Concern Group in each school and ANM and female teacher of the schools will play the role of advisors in the group.